Week 34: Third trimester obsessions

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I started taking a weaving class. Y’all, I love it so much.

Here’s how much I love it: This is me after dragging my poor, innocent husband 75 miles away to go buy, disassemble, and load up an 80-year-old floor loom to shove in our tiny house. (See photo of giant loom crammed in the back of my SUV.)

He loves me so much this week. (Especially since he ended up tweaking his back while doing all of this massively heavy lifting. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT, HUSBAND!!)

I decided I wanted to start this new hobby because I have become obsessed with handwoven baby wraps. Furthermore, the “professional” (art college grad!) artist in me has a hard time letting other people do art-things without at least attempting them myself. Weaving creates a functional piece of art, so I’m sold. Let’s start weaving!

We had a baby appointment this week, and got to see a little tiny, handheld sonogram of him! Our midwife was mostly verifying that he is in fact head down (he was still breech until a few weeks ago), and she kept pointing out his features as she saw them.

We know one thing for sure, this little baby has my CHEEKS. Holy cannoli, his whole face was cheek-city. I used to get teased for my “chipmunk cheeks” (let’s be honest, people probably still say that about me, but adults tend to have a little more social grace than children and just talk about you behind your back), and this kid is definitely going to hear the same things.

His heartbeat is still holding strong in the 140s, and my uterus height is around 33cm. It appears he is a very long, skinny baby right now, so depending on his position, my uterus tends to change sizes pretty drastically.

We’ve got an ultrasound scheduled in a few days. This appointment is totally unnecessary, we just want to see his little face on the big screen one more time before he makes his appearance in the outside world.

Our appointment is also at the request of my mother, who is the kindest, quietest soul you’d ever meet. She asked if we had any more ultrasounds scheduled, and I knew that meant she wanted to come to one. She is one happy grandma now!

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