Toes for toys

I adore the stage when babies find their feet. It signifies the time in between the hard work of the blurry newborn phase and the vigilance of the mobility phase. It’s the sweet spot of babyhood where they are durable enough to be easily carried around but aren’t yet mobile enough to want to fight out of your arms to explore the world around them. They are confident enough in their security to be comfortable enough being left to play for a little while on their own.

Roland has really woken up to the world around him recently, starting with his own body. The uncontrolled movements he had as a newborn have become more intentional and coordinated. He reaches and grasps and learns about different objects with his mouth. He shows his excitement through vigorous kicking and an expressive face. Most recently he has managed to find his feet. He is perfectly content on the ground holding his feet and putting his fingers around his toes. They’re the perfect toy, a little challenging to get, and endlessly fascinating when they are found. He looks like how you think a baby should look when he lies on the ground with his feet in his hands.

Babies are constantly learning and developments in neuroscience continue to reveal how babies are like scientists as they gain information about their world. I love to think about Roland making new connections as he plays with his feet. He gets them to his mouth and the look on his face actually looks like fireworks are going off in his brain as new synapses are formed. In these moments, I try my best not to interrupt the playful learning that is happening. I know he has a lot of work to do in his process of exploring the world, and some of that important work is exploring his feet and toes.

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